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Water rejuvenates
Water strengthens
Water is life

Raen began as a desire to bring clean, pure water to people who value quality with elegant design.

Raen is a specialty brand that features commercial quality kitchen and bath accessories with an emphasis on style and design. We are a family-owned North American company that feels it is important to offer quality engineered products at affordable prices.

This gorgeous pull down faucet is so sleek, elegant, bold, and beautiful. It is really high end, and cool to the touch. I can not wait to install it in my new kitchen. I absolutely love it! What a great find!


When this faucet arrived, it was much larger than I expected it to be. I was hesitant to install it. But once it was in, it was so impressive. I really like the stainless steel finish and it's very solid. This is a well made faucet that really ups the decor in my kitchen. The water flow from it is strong, much better than my old faucet. I like that the spout is high from the sink, makes it easier to fill things. It has a professional look that is modern and traditional at the same time. I would definitely recommend it.


We absolutely love our new pull down single handle kitchen faucet! Even the kids look forward to helping with dishes now! It was super easy to install and we are so happy with this we will definitely recommend this to any user considering buying this!