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Kitchen and Bathroom Trends

Faucets are not just practical appliances for your kitchen and bath but are valuable pieces of art.

Innovations in technology has led to the development of faucets that just do not let you look away from them. Digital innovations have brought about a new generation of sleek, lightweight models of cell phones yet here’s a trend set by faucets that are far apart from these digital innovations. A trend that could actually set your mood and give your house a new appearance.

People who are eager to implement a minimalist home décor style this year would be head over heels with the faucets that actually sets the trend for your minimalist décor approach. It may sound weird but faucets have always been integral to décor and have set the trend for kitchen and bath spaces.

Over the years, innovations in this field has helped people with achieving modern outlooks for their homes and continues to do so with grace. Unlike traditional mono-design faucets for your kitchen, bath and laundry spaces, you can actually go for a varied range of designs with different shades of color.

Showers and accessories just add to the glory. As you strive towards a minimalist décor approach, rooms are often merged to create bigger spaces - just so with kitchens and living rooms. Open faced kitchens has been the trend for the past few years now with specifically designed cabinets for particular purposes. Hence, kitchen accessories contribute the grace of the living room space as well which you can practically show off with the latest designs of faucets and fixtures.

Bathrooms on the other hand calls for a relaxation and like the saying goes innovations and technology, the latest innovations in bathroom accessories and faucets with a special outlook will serve you best.

While you’re still lost in designing your hall, dining and bedroom spaces, take a look at the new kitchen and bathroom sets that will take you by awe.

Three Exclusive Kitchen and Bathroom Trends in 2020

Experts have recognized three kitchen and bathroom trends for the otherwise not so happy year which will definitely top your décor list.

MIXED-METAL FINISH –A majority of renovating homeowners have been observed to fall for mix metal finishes for faucets as part of their kitchen and bath remodels. The trend of mixing metals for parts of a kitchen or bath appliance has existed for some time now. This year though, this trend was taken a step ahead by a few manufacturers at KBIS by producing single faucets with mixed metal finishing.

MATTE BLACK – If you’re up for a super modern kitchen and bath trend at your home, this is probably your go-to choice. The Matte Black finish for your bathroom and kitchen outlook is absolutely a dream that you can fulfill now. Available in a variety of designs though, the faucets with a complete matte nickel finish or a mixture shining silver combining with matte black sets the trend for this year by being the most preferable choice of the mass. The matte black and gold nickel finishes are equally impressive and attractive that gives out a classy and modern appearance to your kitchen and bathroom space.

SMART MIRRORS AND LIGHTINGS – To be accurate, you’ll have to combine it with either of the two previous options that comply the best together. The perfect set of ceiling and wall lights with smart mirrors attached to your bathroom walls is a sight to the eyes. Not too much, not too less, the perfect space for you to go for a warm shower.

The kitchen and bath space is always a way to one’s heart if done right. So here are your kitchen and bathroom trends for the year!