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Enliven your bathroom with these simple tips

If you have been contemplating a makeover for your bathroom, you can find ultra-modern and chic fixtures, fittings and faucets at Raen Homes. The company boasts of a wide inventory of high quality and aesthetic bathroom fittings that can completely transform your bathroom into a thoughtfully designed luxurious space without renovation costs running into several thousands of dollars.

It is not necessary to shell out a huge amount if you are willing to redo your bathroom’s interiors. With a few small and thoughtful changes here and there, you can completely change the aesthetic outline of your bathroom.

A simple replacement of the faucets, taps, towel shelves and showers can help you completely transform the look of your bathroom.

Also, simply changing the tiles in the backsplash can substantially transform the look of your bathroom.  Here are some clever tips that can help you upgrade and modernize your bathroom without significant renovation or restoration work:

1. Creating the illusion of space and light: It is relatively easy to make your bathroom look bigger instantly by adding a new mirror and preferably a bigger one. Mirrors can make the bathroom appear bigger and brighter and can be a great décor addition as well. you can choose from a wide or long one. You can also buy one with a wooden frame or with metal accented frames.

A large mirror can make even a small space appear presumably bigger. Combined with the right lighting, it can make your bathroom appear big, airy and spacious.

2. Installing A stylish new towel shelf: You will be surprised how much difference a simple addition can make to your bathroom. Adding a contemporary and stylish towel shelf can make your bathroom look much more organised and modern. You can also install a new towel rail to match the look of the other fixtures and faucets in your bathroom. You can mix and match the fixtures and décor elements in your bathroom to give away a distinct statement. If your bathroom is subtle and understated, you can transform it by putting in chrome finish tower rails or shelfs. 

3. Replacing cracked or chipped tiles: Merely by replacing the tiles in your bathroom can give your bathroom a new look immediately. Cracks or chips in your bathroom tiles can make your bathroom look outdated and unkempt. You can choose from a wide range of tiles in interesting patterns, colors and accents. Replacing old tiles with high gloss, or metal finish tiles is a great way of incorporating an ultra-modern design element in your bathroom changing its look instantly. If you have less space in your bathroom, try to go for lighter and neutral colors that refract light and make your space appear bigger. With a bigger space, you have more color options. You can choose warmer colors for your tiles and flooring.

4. A splash of color: Any space can benefit from a splash of color. It can instantly enliven any space. A pop of bright colors in your bathroom can make it look cheerful and modern. If the predominant color palette of your bathroom is a neutral shade or a monochromatic pattern, you can add a lick of color to completely transform the look of your bathroom. Go for a bright fuchsia or mauve colored tiles on the backsplash if the rest of your bathroom is neutral or monochromatic.

5. Add décor elements here and there: Although you mustn’t go overboard with it, adding a few décor elements here and there can also upgrade your bathroom immediately. Adding new light fixtures, shelves, compartments and cabinets can help you give your bathrooms a new look.